No binaries

If you have reached this page it might mean there are no pre-compiled tc_client binaries for your platform, but the sourcecode is available so you can compile it yourself.
Keep reading this page for instructions on how to compile it.

Set up build environment

To compile tc_client you will need a C compiler, the program "make", curl and iconv (on systems using glibc this is already provided by glibc)
To also build the utilities you will need ffmpeg/libav and gtk+ for tc_client-gtk, optionally with libao for audio output, libv4l2 or escapi for video input and pulseaudio for audio input,
curses and readline for cursedchat.

These things should be installable through your system's package manager, you may also need pkg-config for some to be detected. For package managers/repositories that make a distinction you will need the development files for these packages, often with a -dev or -devel suffix.

Get the sourcecode

To get the sourcecode you can either download a release tarball, or use git to get the latest changes:
$ git clone

Compile it

  1. Enter the sourcecode directory (the one git creates or the one unpacked from the tarball),
  2. run './configure' to configure the build for your platform (including detecting optional dependencies enabling features/utilities)
  3. run 'make' to build the tc_client core (an executable named tc_client, usable on its own for plaintext chat but it won't be pretty)
  4. run 'make utils' to build the utilities.