About tc_client

tc_client is no longer actively being developed by the original author. Support for Tinychat's new HTML5 (websockets and json) protocol is available but limited to text chat. Feel free to take over development.

tc_client is an alternative client for the tinychat(.com) channels.
tc_client is written in C and currently only depends on libcurl and a libc which provides poll().
No flash required.

tc_client comes with a few utilities which run on top of the core application (type 'make utils' to build them):


tc_client's gtk utility

Plain tc_client (not recommended, the interface utilities provide a better experience):
Plain tc_client

tc_client used from the IRC client irssi, using the irchack utility:
irssi as UI using irchack


Latest release: tc_client 0.41 (sourcecode)
Git repository: https://tcclient.ion.nu/tc_client.git

Binaries for some platforms can be found at https://tcclient.ion.nu/binaries/

Earlier releases:
tc_client 0.40
tc_client 0.39
tc_client 0.38
tc_client 0.37
tc_client 0.36
tc_client 0.35
tc_client 0.34
tc_client 0.33
tc_client 0.32
tc_client 0.31
tc_client 0.30
tc_client 0.29
tc_client 0.28
tc_client 0.27
tc_client 0.26
tc_client 0.25
tc_client 0.24
tc_client 0.23
tc_client 0.22
tc_client 0.21
tc_client 0.20
tc_client 0.19
tc_client 0.18
tc_client 0.17
tc_client 0.16
tc_client 0.15
tc_client 0.14
tc_client 0.13
tc_client 0.12
tc_client 0.11
tc_client 0.10
tc_client 0.9
tc_client 0.8
tc_client 0.7
tc_client 0.6
tc_client 0.5
tc_client 0.4
tc_client 0.3
tc_client 0.2
tc_client 0.1


Aside from the email address bugs@tcclient.ion.nu. The IRC channel previously hosted on Freenode has been hijacked by new Freenode staff. A less project-specific channel now exists on Libera.chat with the name ##ion


tc_client is free software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.